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2nd Annual Christmas Card Contest!

Remember this fun we had last year?? well, it was such a big hit that I decided to make it an annual event! Here's the details:

1. Please send a DIGITAL copy or scan of your card by Jan 1, 2011. And yes, the photos must be taken by yours truly ;) 2. You can vote however you want by leaving a comment .. for a friend or truly b/c it's the one you love the most. If you really want to vote based on all the entries, then I'd suggest you wait until the last day to vote. Also, why not put why you love their card. I bet you'll make their day =) 3. please one vote per email address. So send the link to all your friends and have them vote as well! 4. The winner will receive one of the new custom accordian mini books, designed and delivered by me of their session.

So happy Chirstmas Card making! Ooh.. and in case you haven't heard, I'm offering cards now and you can find them here: Without further ado, the sweet French family.. whose Chubbyfoot pictures have graced their chirstmas cards for 5 years now. As always, a pleasure to see these guys and this time was no exception.


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