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any fans outside of Houston?? (OCT 6/7)

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

so, my new title family is from a shoot last weekend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We went in for the LSU game (geaux tigers!) and my mom's birthday and a former Houston client snagged me to take their pics while I was there. It's so much fun for me to change it up a little, and of course, was a pleasure to take pics of such a cute family and watch them grow.

It got me to thinking that perhaps I should take a few of you up on setting up a travel day/weekend in the near future! Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or Baton Rouge is where I'm thinking. I'll email a few people that have expressed interest, but this is my only way of letting people know. So, feel free to forward to anyone that might like me to come!

The weekend is OCTOBER 6/7th. Perfect time for christmas card pics. I'm completely open to locations, but will have to choose one and stay all day so I can accommodate several families. The cost will be $450 for families of 4 or less ($10 for each add'l person). I need to round up at least 6 families to make it worth the trip, so I'm sorry in advance if I can't come due to a lack of interest. But I thought I'd at least see who's interested!

just send me an email with your info, where you're from (and if you need a certain day), and if you have a location in mind. I'll keep you posted!

here's a few more from the Baton Rouge session as well as my mom's birthday pics with the kids this weekend. Hope to hear from you!

can you see where my kids get their good looks from? =)

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