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capturing the emotion

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

i just got back from a conference in chicago: 47 photographers in a loft, chatting about work for a couple of days. Overall, it was a good experience and i learned a lot from everyone. I did put together a printed portfolio for the event, and had many kind comments about it, which was encouraging. the common theme was that i really captured the emotion well and anticipate that in my work. I also got some encouragement to persue commercial work.. any one have any connections in that category?? I might exploring that next year..

for now, though, I'm sticking to what i love and that's seeing the true self of everyone that I photograph.. here's some recent favorites. (please see recent shoots to see more of them!)

nicole, if you're reading, so many people commented on how gorgeous you were! =)

i love this moment with your hubby... (odom)

spontaneous laughter from two cousins.. (mops)

how cute are they?? it was fun that the parents brought these props so i could capture the kids as she remembers them at this stage.. (harbuck)

and this the perfect shot of this fun couple.. they were some of the funnest grandparents i've had the pleasure of photographing =)

here's some funny guys I met recently.. at the beginning one of them said " daddy, I like this tv show!" and were cracking up to no end. i'm really not that funny, but it was great to be appreciated for the little vaudeville act I've composed =) (park)

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