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My boy is 11. Just like that. My heart breaks a little with each offspring birthday. It's such a joy to watch them grow and learn and evolve.. but there's a bit of sadness in what is lost with each new candle. You all know the feeling i'm sure. But I'm ever thankful for every minute God has given him to us and am in wonder of my love for him. He's certainly all boy. And we love all of him. His cautiousness, cuddles and tender heart. I even love the legos that pierce my feet, the hundreds of stinky socks I wash and the long hours logged at swim meets because it means he's still a boy and under my care. I'm grateful, humbled and honored to call this boy mine. I pray each day that he'll grow up to be the man that God has for him but in the meantime, am not rushing that day to come! A little look back for you (but mostly me!) to enjoy ;) (ps.. please excuse the low quality scans from the pre-digital age!)

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