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istanbul/constantinople: {traveling with kids in Europe and Asia}

We had the amazing opportunity to go where east meets west; one city straddling 2 continents. Thousands of years drenched in history and culture. Yes, I was in my happy place! We arrived in Istanbul around noon, checked into our hotel in the Sultanamet area (which I'd highly recommend.. the hotel and the area in general, which was central to great food and a bulk of what you'll want to see while staying here) and headed out on foot for the rest of the day. It was gorgous outside and we were thrilled to take in our surroundings! First up, the Aya Sophia or Hagia Sophia. One of the oldest and most important christian churches and flagship of Byzantine architecture, it was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly 1000 years (around 500-1500, when Seville topped it. Yep, it's on the list to visit!). It was converted to a mosque when the Ottomans took over in 1453, but now is a musuem and many of the mosaics have been restored to their former glory. It really is something to behold.

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