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S{love}nia: Lake Bled and beyond

I'm guessing that 99.5% of you have NOT been to Slovenia. Perhaps you're not even sure where it is? Is it close to Slovakia, is there a Slavonia? What's up with all the Slavic-ia countries? You're not alone. It's confusing and likely has changed since you were in highschool, like me??! Here's a map to help clear it up.. Slovenia is in red.

On the way to Ljubliana the next day, our guesthouse host told us about her favorite waterfall, which was Slap Pericnic. It was a bit out of the way, but when a local tells you of their favorite non-touristed waterfall.. you go!!

Speaking of all the great advice we got on this trip, I would love to recommend the great (And reasonable) guesthouse we stayed at near Bled, called Millhouse Bled. The owners were SO helpful and kind. It was a great little find. Here's a funny story.. the wife had actually seen our HHI show a few days after we booked our reservation and knew who we were when we arrived. That's REALLY a SMALL WORLD, huh?! haha.. I hope you enjoyed the tour and will consider adding lovely Slovenia to your wish list.. Next up: Ljubliana!

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