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sweet seventeen

well, I guess last year was our "sweet sixteen" but the "sweet" still applies! 17 years ago, I snagged the best husband a girl could ask for ( a girl at the ripe age of 20!?) Marrying so young has been a blessing for us both. I know it's not for everyone, and I can't say I'd recommend it to my own children, but we finished college, traveled and worked, then added children all in our own time. We've grown up together and although we're very different people than when we met half of our lives ago, we still hold true to our fundamental beliefs, despite changes in our interests, hobbies and hairstyles. haha.. How could I have known that he'd be such a caring, devoted, and loving spouse; such an amazing and fun father; a generous and gentle soul when we said our vows so long ago. I have many friends (and family) who also said those vows, and truly believed they were going to live their fairy tale too, but with much different outcomes. And so with a humble heart, full of gratitude, I am incredibly blessed to have celebrated 17 wonderful years of marriage last week. I thank God for these years and look forward to at least 37 more.. full of adventure, wonder and romance. And for your viewing of that day in August, 1994. Snickering welcomed ;)

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