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the land of pears

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

ahh.. the "pretty" part of pearland. Did you know such exsisted? Big oak trees on a golf course where my beautiful client Toni lives.. she set up a pearland day and I had fun with the change of scenery. I trekked the white sofa there and it was the perfect accessory. first up , the chapmans. My first time to meet this lovely family. and their cutie patootie next was the sanders family. I last saw them when baby brother was in mom's belly. they were easy breezy that afternoon. such a pleasure.

a little larger group.. the sciortinos with their grandkids! and the stars of the show: another large family that were fun to meet.. the durretts. i love this one of grandpa and the boys and the next one as well... aunt "N", responsible for gathering everyone together =)

oops. I'm out of time. Have a baseball playoff game to get off to. Will post part 2 tomorrow! thanks for looking!

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