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to all who love Lisa ;)

I'm not sure who was the first. Leslie maybe? If you got a Christmas card from this group of girls in Houston from about 2006-2011, the liklihood that Chubbyfoot photos were gracing it were about 10 to 1! It was so fun to meet so many cute families and hear how they found me.. one family was often booked at the behest of her photo-loving friend Leslie: Lisa O'Docharty. I'm pretty sure Leslie even booked FOR Lisa several times and brought extra changes of clothes for little miss D just in case she needed it. I remember one particular time at Hermann Park where we were literally a travling walk in closet. I even did a shopping post just about them! haha. They had girls born at the same time and they were (and are) a photographer's dream. Both with curls, gorgeous eyes.. they light up the camera. It was a pleasure to see both families grow and add siblings. Christmas season wasn't complete without seeing Leslie and Lisa and their adorable families. Well, I often saw Lisa, but she wasn't as thrilled about getting BEHIND the camera. Miss D really was a scene stealer, so often the shoot was just about her. Then came the news that got her in front of the camera. While nursing her new little guy, she discovered a lump in her breast. SHE was the tenacious one that knew it wasn't just mastitis even though the doctor said it was. Turns out she knew best and it was an aggressive breast cancer. Her friends booked her a session and made sure she got BEHIND the camera before chemo began. Here's some of my faves from that day :)

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