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Traveling with kids: Montserrat and Tibidabo, Spain

Our last day in beautiful Spain :( We rented a car the last 2 days (which I highly recommend) so on this day, we headed west to Montserrat. There's an island in the West Indies with the same name, so don't be confused. This Montserrat is the spot of a 1000+ year old monestary that was built into these magnificent seraded cliffs in northeast spain. Napolean's army destroyed much of the original building in an invasion in the 1800's, so much of the actual buildings are gone. A "new" one (just 100 years or so) is still magnificent and is home to the oldest boy's choir in the world. Well, I assume there are new boys ;) But we did stay thru an entire mass (in Spanish.. or was it Latin?), and heard the angelic voices for ourselves. Afterwards, we enjoyed a Catalonian folk dance in the square of the monestary. Quite the treat!

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