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Let's talk details! 

*How does this work? - It's pretty strait forward. I offer 2 main options:
$550 for deluxe session: 40+ minutes, 50+ images given or
$375 for petite session: 20 minutes, 25-30 images.
Payment due upon delivery of images. Deluxe is best for seniors, families who haven't had photos in a while or if wanting extra time for more creative shots or walking around to a few more spots, personal branding photos, commercial work, etc.. ... Petite sessions are great for quick holiday card photos, low maintenance seniors, quick fun occasions (ie.. milestone birthdays, bff photos, etc..)
* What does the price include? talent and time of the photographer, 25+ (petite) or 50+ (deluxe) high res images delivered electronically within 3-4 days with all copyrights released. You're then free to make as many reprints/enlargements as you wish! 

* What should I wear? 2 rules: wear colors that look good on you AND make sure all outfits are comfortable AND flattering. Start a Pinterest board or poke around on here or my FB page and see what others have worn and what stands out to you. No need to be too matchy matchy.. just general color palettes and mixes of patterns are fine, as long as you have some solids as well. 

* What if I need to cancel? It happens. Just let me know as soon as you can and we'll reschedule. 

*How can I minimize stress on picture day? Have all outfits tried on, ironed and laid out the night before. Bring a few snacks, favorite toys, etc for smaller kids and perhaps a fun breakfast spot picked out for afterwards for older. I've done this a few THOUSAND times and hope to make it as quick and painless as possible, all while having a little fun! So show up prepared as possible and let me do the rest! 

* How can I pay you? Paypal, Venmo or cash is preferred. Will send details when booked. 

* Can I bring my fur baby? ABSOLUTELY! I LOVE pets in photos but they can certainly be the wildcard in photos, especially if you also have small kids OR the pet isn't well trained. You know your pet and if they'll add joy and fun, great! If chaos isn't what you had in mind for family photos, then maybe no :) Or perhaps you have a friend who could come and take her home after a few shots.. 

* Do you travel? HELLO, I'm Mackenzie and travel is my love language! If you have a special trip on the horizon, never hurts to ask if I might be in the general area. If so, we'll make it work! 

* I can't keep up with you! How do I know where you'll be in the future? I'm trying to input my dates on the new calendar, so try that first. If you're confused or the calendar isn't updated yet, you can always email me at


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