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happy 2019 {qatar family photography}

And just like that, it's a new year. 2019. How did that happen!? My perinial excuse of being the new gal in town is now officially expired :) We've now been in Doha a year and it's feeling like home. But the experience of living in 5 houses in as many years has brought me to the conclusion that home is where your people are. And while yes, a LOT of my people are still in Texas and beyond, the 4 of us are here together and it makes this mama happy! Here's a few of my favorite photos that I've taken out and about this past year here in Doha.. I hope to make more of an effort to carry my "real camera" around with me and capture more this coming year and really tell the story of living here. For now, especially after traveling to the UAE and Egypt for winter break, I think we have a better understanding for Qatar. If Dubai is NYC, Doha is Baton Rouge.. in terms of size at least. It's character is a whole other thing.. construction everywhere (thanks to a little event known as WORLD CUP 2022), dust days, extreme heat April - October but LOVELY California weather Dec - March, safe ( i leave the keys to the house in the door and never worry if I leave my purse or phone in the car), distinctly Middle Eastern (calls to prayer 5x a day heard wherever you are, full dress for locals and most expats dress much more modestly in general, even in the extreme heat... you'll pass a goat in the back of a truck on any given Tuesday and my kids' local friends wear couture brands like we wear our Target finds :)

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