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tears were shed…

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

but they were mine!! my baby is going to school all by himself and he couldn't be more thrilled!

So we parked at our park/pool and decided to walk the short trail to the school to avoid traffic. When he stepped out of the car, he started running! this was my view (as I'm running too) I finally got him to stop and turn around for a second =) my big boys and finally, in his kindergarten room all too eager to begin. and just because I'm all sappy today... here's the first day of school 2 years ago. (3.5 and 1.5) and last year (4.5 and 2.5) and this very morning.

little sis started her new school today as well. She's just half days, but it's every day so it will be an adjustment. The teacher already came out this afternoon and said she was a pleasure and very outgoing. One of her teachers has 3 boys and she commented on her outfit and how fun it was to live vicariously through such a cute student, etc.. I just kind of chuckled because we all know that this is just one of many ensembles she will see in the coming year!?

So, it's bittersweet of course. How can I not be happy when they're thrilled and thriving? But they are my babies and so I just loved on them and kissed them a little longer when I get them this afternoon... and i think they didn't mind that at all =)

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