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soccer mom in Bruxelles

We did a pretty good job of not living our typical "american" busy life for the first 8 months while we were here. With the exception of swim team (which required some early mornings and about 5 Saturdays, which I didn't mind since it was bloody cold outside anyway!?), we kept the team sports to a minimum and used our newbie status to try new things. French tutor for all of us, rock climbing for K, piano for C. That freed up our weekends in the spring and summer for TRAVEL, which was tres bien! Well, our hiatus has offcially ended. ;) I've gotten myself on the board of the Family Association at our school (I help run Community Events, which I quite like!), volunteer at the American Women's club, doing some photography for the school, and we've let the kids step it up a bit too.. little sis still does piano and has added a musical theater class (in english!), which is right up her alley! In 5th grade at our school, you are required to play an instrument or sing in the choir and he has chosen... the baritone! (more on this later.. it TOTALLY deserves it's own post!!? haha).. but instead of swimming all year (Which he probably would be doing in the states), he opted to try a new sport: Football (aka.. soccer). The kids play it quite reguarly at recess and he was intimidated at first. He played once on a "Y" team when he was 5 and sis was 3 and they were on a team together. Here's a few pics from that season:

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