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Down to the studs {part 1}

Well hello there! Here I am, popping in to say hello and share a little of why I've been MIA. Jan, 2017 started with one resolution: to live more with Intention. So after looking at what that meant for our family, we decided to embarq on an adventure of the non-traveling adventure for the first time in a while: gutting a house! (that sounds intentionally HARD, right!? haha) For sure it's had it's share of complications but the work has been fun and in the end, we're lighter, less cluttered, more purposeful with our space and our possessions, and honestly just giddy with the results! This post is probably premature.. there are still rugs to find and window coverings to decide on but the major construction is over and I wanted to share. We decided to float our house on the market in January which is NOT house-selling time so we figured we'd have a while for it to be on the market and us to figure out what we wanted. Well, we had an offer in less than a week.. so the searching soon entered the frantic state. We didn't love anything on the market and we really didn't want to move twice.. so literally this house came open and never hit the market officially. We LOVED the location, curb appeal and size, and figured we could make the insides work - and have we ever made it work! We hired our friends at Framestead as the contractors and have been so pleased with the finished product. They were timely, professional and innovative.. we were in great hands! I had plenty of ideas decorating wise, but they totally steered me in the right direction and designed the kitchen especially that is a show stopper and we love, love, love!

So let's get to the tour.. BEFORE: This was in the breakfast area looking into the kitchen and peeking into the living room. (you can also barely see the dining room thru the kitchen)

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