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shh.. it’s a secret

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

here's the beautiful bordes ladies.. dad was out of town, so they got me to take some pictures to decorate his office, as a surprise. I think he'll be pleased!

although these girls aren't yet seniors, it reminds me how fun they are to do! I LOVE babies, but it's nice, as you can imagine, to have a break from singing wheels on the bus and talk about boys for a change =) thanks, ladies, for a fun afternoon! Hope dad loves them!

and here's mr. evan - 11 months and cute as ever. finally have found a mom that loves dressing her boy as much as I do. she had no less than 5 changes, and probably more in the bag! But he did great.. and we got some special shots of him at this fun age. Thanks for coming out and y'all have a great vacation in CA!

many more to post, but I'll have to save some for another night - have a great weekend.

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