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10 years ago today..

God blessed us with our firstborn son. I'm so thankful for him and can NOT imagine life without him. Moms, I know you can relate! ;) We've been on a whirlwind tour of family visits before we leave the country, the last half of which inlcuded VERY splotchy cell service and NO Wifi, so I have no mushy collages/ photos to share with you tonight.. will have to do a special post about him once all the hoopla dies down. I do have plenty of families to share with you though!

First up is the Lyons family. Mom and I were friends when we first moved to Kingwood.. her "little" girl and my son were 6 months and a year when we met!? They moved overseas for a few years and are back and it's been fun to catch up! She has lots of great advice for me and would get in my suitcase if I let her ;)

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