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12/12/12 {ONE YEAR of living in Europe!}

12/12/12 was a big day for us. It was our 1st anniversary here in Brussels! Wow. What a crazy, whirlwind of a year we have had! It's been exciting, challenging, frustrating, exhilerating, educational, emotional all at the same time.. many times all in the same day! haha.. I'll spare you a big sappy monologue, but will say that we are so blessed to have our first year under our belt and are looking forward to our next year ahead. HOWEVER, we are SUPER excited that in 6 MORE SLEEPS, we'll be home for a 3 week visit!!! We have so many friends and family to hug, late night chats to catch up on and tex mex to consume!! But first.. here's a quick year in review in pictures. I wonder what awaits in 2013!? :) (* and if this looks familiar, I did a smiliar post at 6 months. if you want to keep up the fun!) The moment arrives. 12/11/11 we board the plane for Brussels!

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