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1st x 2

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

1st day of 1st grade. and would you believe I missed it!? well.. just the a.m. part. I had a super fun gig photographing the first day of school at the Awty international school, and would you believe they had the audacity to schedule their first day the same as ours! Alas, I talked to the big boy via cell on my way and he was super excited. I left a note on the kitchen chalkboard, a note in his lunch, and cookies for a snack, so I think he felt loved =)

Just for fun.. a trip down memory lane. 1st day of school 2005 (3 yrs) 2006 2007 - kindergarden and today.. after school =)

proud little sis. one more year until it's her turn! and one final shot. A first grader lives in my house. amazing.

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