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2 weeks from today..

there will be movers at my house!? Yikes! Well, that's the best case scenario, and the best case hasn't really worked out during this moving process so far, but in case it does, you'll know what I'll be doing on this day in 2 weeks: directing movers what will go by air, by sea and to storage. Heaven forbid we get those things confused, right!? Lest you think I've been resting on my laurels, having fantastic going away parties (well, I actually have had a few of those), and twiddling my thumbs, I've actually been taking pictures! It's that time of year! I'm so blessed to be able to see a lot of my "regular" families before I leave. It's hectic, but worth it to see those babies growing up, new additions to the families, and to get one last hug before we fly over the horizon. So, let's get to it! First up is the Kirk family. Love this crew and mom's fantastic ideas about documenting their life as it is this moment. Last year, we were in their fantastic home and this year, we poked around mom's work. It was the perfect venue! Enjoy!

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