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2 weeks of wonder – part 1

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

ahh.. the bluebonnets. two weeks of wonder. I broke down and booked a few bluebonnet shoots this season. it was tricky with the timing, light, blooms, etc.. but I think we got some great shots overall. well, you can let me know what you think!

I'm doing this in 2 parts b/c there were so many. first up, the "k" family I'm not going to lie, the twins were less than estatic to let go of mom and dad and be photographed, but I love the above shot. Sometime I actually prefer when kids are not smiling strait at me b/c I'm forced to be creative and think outside the box... big brother joined in and a final favorite

next up, a handsome fella that should look familiar - mr. cody not that he'd rest for long! a new fella to admire.. jp I enjoyed meeting he and his sweet parents.

the neuman family is about to head north (virginia is north compared to us, right?!), so they wanted some classic bluebonnet pics to remember their time in Texas 3 generations i could totally speak this one's language - perks to having a squirrley 6 yr old in my house!

thanks you guys for a fun session. good luck with the move!

I met the oaklands for the first time this year. getting some serious air! and a final smile for mom =)

thanks for looking - and check back for part 2!

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