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Updated: Jan 15, 2023

So I can look up statistics on my blog.. how many people are looking, etc.. today I happened to check and there have been 20,068 hits in almost a year! of course 4, 238 of them are my mother, but that's still pretty cool =) ha ha..

Here's a couple of upcoming Houston dates I wanted to post. email or call quickly for a spot. ** also, I should be posting my christmas schedule next week, so be looking for that!

Thursday, Aug 9th (rainout day: wed the 15th) - in Houston. Wortham, Heights or Herman Park. One shoot scheduled.. have room for 1-3 more.

Thursday, Aug 16th - Mercer Arboretum; several morning appts available.

And finally, some pics to share! I had my niece and nephews last week so we headed to Galveston for a couple of days with even more cousins and friends. 12 kids and 3 moms to be exact. Here's some of my favorites from the day: the waves were great this day.. the kids slept well that night!

these are our friends who fit right in with the cousins.. and maybe my favorite of the day.. one of hunter's best catches:

i have many more to share from the last week, but we're leaving at 6am for a little vacay to Canyon Lake in the a.m. 1st stop: schliterbahn!

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