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2800 Post Oak

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I had a full day yesterday.. a full week actually. Danny was off and had the kids all day so we had plans to meet me after my Houston shoots in town somewhere. he wouldn't tell me where, but just told me to come to 2800 Post Oak. It ended up being the water wall, and here's what I was greeted with at 7:30pm on a Friday night: a central market picnic! since I had my camera and all... =) raspberries the size of strawberries - yum. klein rolled down the little hill for me at the bottom.. one to prove i was there too =) on my run this morning with friends, one said - you know if I'd worked all day and my husband told me to meet him somewhere it sure wouldn't have been a picnic at the water wall!? that's why I love him!

so, it's Saturday and I'm taking the day off to enjoy time with the family.. will have many fabulous shots to share next week, espcially from my afternoon in houston. happy weekend! get off the computer and go kiss your loved ones!

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