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3 friends from 3 continents {Lisbon edition}

After Madrid, Lisboa (or Lisbon), Portugal was next on our flight plan. All i knew was that Portugal was on my bucket list. I'd heard good things about Lisbon and neighboring Sintra and it was all true!! Everything was so colorful and full of energy and charm. The "Age of Discovery" was when Lisbon really blossomed so the 1400's is where it's at here (along with a lot of Baroque architecture following a 1755 earthquake that destroyed a lot of the city). Lisbon is a lot like San Francisco with it's trollys and steep hills (those were BUCKETS of fun to run in the morning, I can assure you! haha). But one of my favorite pastimes was admiring the hundreds of different tiles that decorated the facades of many buildings built after the earthquake. I'll spare you my complete tile photo collection, but will throw in a few of my faves :) Introducing: Lisboa !

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