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3 friends from 3 continents {Madrid edition}

I have a fun trip to share with you that involved some of my deep South girlfriends meeting up in the deep South of Europe in May. Europe, Asia and North America were represented (as well as our home States of MS, LA and TX ;) and we started the fun in Madrid, Spain. Plenty of sangria, tapas, tortillas (the Spanish kind, not the Texas variety) were consumed in the duration of this trip I promise! It was so fun to reconnect with my friends, both of which were celebrating a ahem.. very special birthday. I sure did pick a great time to move to Europe for all my friends' birthday celebrations! We originally knew each other all in Kingwood, TX when our kids were babies and 2 of us have now flown the coop and who knows if/when we'll ever live in the same city again. That's ok.. as long as we can have our fabulous reunions once in a while! Some of my favorite memories of Madrid involved food and wine, art and architecture. (can you tell we left the kids at home!?) We enjoyed strolling around the world famous Prado Museum and Reina Sophia, had lengthy lunches in Plaza Mayor and tried our first burrata cheese (sinful!) and Spanish pastries at the lively San Miguel Mercado. Another treat was having dinner at one of the oldest restaurants in the world: Restaurant Botin. And of course, some photos to convince you to put Madrid on your list! :)

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