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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

my sweet family today at my new favorite place in houston to shoot. can I just say that I love doing this every year 1. b/c I love having pics of my family, of course and 2. it reminds me of how hard and stressful it is to be on YOUR end! BEFORE we'd even started, the kids stepped in dog poop and canon ripped her only pair of stockings!? but as always, we got some wonderful shots and I'm thrilled, if not relieved, that it's all over until next time. turns out it's quite the artist's haven and i'm quite the late-comer to finding it. thanks to my friend sarah for taking us to dinner nearby last week, so i could discover all the magic that lies within view of the interstate =) Interestingly enough, we didn't get to use any of the spots I had originally thought I'd love to b/c they all were in full sun, but we found lots of other places to have fun.

and my friend Tammy's family. Tammy used to shoot weddings, but has since taken a sabbatical. this is our 3rd year to trade services but i think she gets the raw end of the deal b/c she has to deal with my crazy kiddos?! her big boys are easy, schmeasy for me... the bottom half of the above pic.. ha ha..

So, katy girls.. you're next I promise! going to the texans game all day tomorrow, but should be back on the computer tomorrow night working on your pics. have already looked through most of them and I'm excited for you to see them!

have a GREAT weekend! hope you all get out to enjoy this fabulous weather -

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