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a beautiful family in Brussels {Brussels family photography}

I first met this family in Houston when the big sister was a year or 2? She had the cutest red Annie dress on, auburn bob and sweet smile. Fast forward 7 or 8 years, add a precious little sis, several photo shoots in between and 2 international moved between us and voila! Here we met on a crazy-weather afternoon. We totally dodged the hail and showers and were able to capture a few moments for them to remember of their European vacation! Thanks, Scott family, for always making me look good! ;) ** ps.. if you're local (or visiting anytime soon) and are interested in family photos, just shoot me an email. I'm not working a lot, but if you can catch me in town when the weather is nice, I'm all yours! I won't be publishing a calendar per se, just booking a few appts as requests come in and i'm not in Venice, Budapest, Windsor, Paris, Dublin, Copenhagan, Cinque Terre, Oslo, you get the picture ;) And now for the stars of the show: The Scott family, all the way from Doha!

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