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a case for the "at home" session

I love "at home" sessions. A chance to step inside one's surroundings... where they live life and love and laugh.. at their most intimate. It's a very photojounalistic experience for me, the photographer, as I get to help document what matters most in this precious space. Not everyone loves the idea of photos in their home, but I jump at the chance when I'm inivited. So when the Kirks invited me to her fabulous new home , I know i was in for a treat. I know she was pleased by what we got because here's the note I rec'd the next day ;) " Mackenzie, The pictures are absolutely beyond my highest expectatons!! Simply put, you're the best (or as William would put it, "you rock the universe.") I have to say that my first reaction was actually tears (suprising myself). As you know, our house is a hodge-podge of things, many of which have been with us a long time. To see my precious jewels mixed among my precious objects -- like the Chinese ancestor prints (which I hauled to my Spanish town apartment in BR), to the vintage Toulousse La Trec prints, to the bench that my "Grandaire" made for my "Grammar" (circa 1940) -- just took my breath away. The pictures truly define our year of change and adaptation in our new house. They remind me how we as humans value and need "place." OK, enough of the college professor side of me :). Here's a quote that I included in our moving card. I couldn't help but think of it as I looked through ... "To bury a grape tendril in such a way that it shoots out new growth, I recognize easily as a metaphor for the way life must change from time to time if we are to go forward in our thinking." -- Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun) On a lighter note, I love how the Capetown handpainted dress showed up, the blue dog, and those precious boy grins!! Thanks again. " SO without further ado.. the Kirks .. at home..

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