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a few little ones

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

mr will all dressed up for the holidays. we had fun at his home and it was a pleasure to meet he and his parents. this is miss sierra gracing us with a rare smile! She was a tough cookie that day, but we snuck a few out of her.. her big-girl cousins were too adorable i met little miss lauren last year when she turned one. and now at two, she's just as sweet. but this year, you can call her a big sister! to this sweet heart =)

mom has a stationery business that you should check out... tell her I sent you! and last but not least is this handsome fella. he did so good and was a ham the entire time. and a favorite with him and his fan club =) well, I still am about a week behind on this blog.. if you're reading and are waiting for pics, I'm working furiously! will check back in after I've finished last week's shoots.

and no one knows Michelle Buehler???

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