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a gaggle of wheatleys

It's a yearly tradition now in our family. Partly due to the fact that there's an official photographer in the family (yours truly) and mostly because we keep adding to the numbers and need a photograph to keep up with the changes!? ;) This year was no different, although we had 2 extra reasons to celebrate and mark our 2012 photo shoot: 1. 1/6 of the clan now lives overseas and hadn't been home in a year, and most importantly 2. our niece Ashley, is finally on her way to recovery after her bone marrow transplant and 5 month stay at St Jude's! We chose the newly-rennovated Baton Rouge Magnet High School as the backdrop for this year's shoot. All the original Wheatleys graduated from there, and my mother-in-law has been teaching there for 10 years. Ashley is a freshman there this year (although she's doing her course work from home as she still can't attend school), but she'll be navigating the halls as a sophomore in 2013-2014. It's one of the oldest high schools in Baton Rouge and was made into a "magnet for the performing arts" about 20 years ago. We got to tour the school the day before and it was fun to see the results! Here's some of my faves from the day. the old BRMHS facade with a nice facelift

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