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a good reason to teach your child to call 911!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

you'll have to read all the way to the end to find out =)

it's wet and cold, so it's nice to peruse pictures of warmer days. (in December, none-the-less?!)

here's a favorite of the sweet cox family this fall. I loved the detail of mom's anthropologie-esq sweater and her sweet boy nuzzled up against her. That's about as precious as it gets. We barely eeked this one out in threatening rain, so I'm so glad it worked out for us!

and the whole gang...

only in Houston can you strip a baby down to a tutu in December! but I'm so glad we could! and she was this happy the entire time =) miss carly with her fan club... ok, so it really was chilly this next morning with the mediamolles. but you can see their little guy was up for his brisk modeling debut. and a cute shot for the card.. =) and how precious are the kosh sisters? Mom had them decked out and they really showed off for me. speaking of mom.. we let her in a few too! here's a favorite of mine. it was fun to see the faulk family again this year. We were getting creative at getting these 2 together, but I think we did a great job! good seeing you guys again. connor and jacob were sweet siblings to see again. You'll see more of them soon for their family session at their beautiful lake house, but for now, just a couple to share for some milestone pics. mr connor is a big 4 yr old now. and mr jacob, 3 months already! I met the huckman kids on a beautiful afternoon last fall. I found out later that their grandmother passed away that evening, and the mom sent me a beautiful note saying that these photos were a sweet distraction from her grief.

I was so sorry for her loss, but so thankful that we had some beautiful images of her precious little ones. Now, this next family has an amazing story that I have to share. I've taken the Cole's pictures for several years now, but they moved to Ft Worth and I figured I wouldn't see them again. Well, mom calls me and said they are making a trip to see me! It was particularly important that she got pics of her with the girls b/c she was so glad to be alive! (I know.. I was hanging on every word too!) During a tornado watch last spring, she passed out with her 3 month old in her arms and her THREE year old called 911! Turns out she had a large brain tumor that had to immediately be removed but was totally undetected before then. Oh my goodness!! I said, girl, you come here whenever you want and I will gladly photograph you with your babies! what a celebration of life! I was so glad to see her and hug her and be thankful that she was here in my house =) here's some of my favorites...

cute little sis that I met for the first time! and mom's sweet girls...

the story gets even better. B/c of the tornado hoopla, she and her daughter were just talking about calling 911 that morning. And it turns out she needed it that very day. I know the cole family believes with all certainty that it was no coincidence, and have great faith. She is doing great, by the way and is more beautiful than ever =)

thanks for checking. happy wednesday!

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