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a lifetime of free pictures...

IF you can tell me how I could feasibly move to Austin, TX =) ** major catch.. must include amazing day job for my better half, who's a brilliant engineer and works in.. you guessed it.. chemicals!? sigh...

I'm guessing I'll just be relegated to visiting for a good portion of my life.. and boy are the visits fun. You've already seen the UT pics, but here's a couple more to share from my weekend in Austin. First up, miss Emelia. You might recognize dad if you're a KEYE-TV/CBS watcher =) But of course, little E was the star of the show and I loved playing with her and capturing these sweet, sweet times with her adoring family. Mom said it was ok to share that she's their special little blessing, not by blood, but by heart. Doesn't that make you want to squeeze her all the more! Enjoy!

And introducing mr alec, in his amazing home. I had so much fun hanging out with this sweet family.. not at all stressed.. just going with the flow with sleepy little a and big sis hamming it up. *please say a prayer for alec as he undergoes a series of surgeries over the next few months. Now you have a face to picture as you say your prayers! =)

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