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a rainy memorial day in houston

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

a fever and rain interrupted our fun memorial day plans, but at the end of the day i have no regrets for staying in, playing games with the kids, watching an awful tv movie with my husband on the couch and the fact that I can now see my son's face, neck, ears and forehead =) goodbye surfer dude hair.. (maybe it will shave a few seconds off his freestyle??) a few more of the kids with friends last week in the back yard signaling the beginning of summer! So last weekend, i was in destin, fl AGAIN for an awesome girls trip. just so happened that one of my friends was there as well on vacation and i was able to shoot her family at the beach. you never know.. if you offer to fly me to destin (or aruba, or st. thomas.. i just might have to say yes! - ps.. galveston doesn't count.. well, techically it does, but i'd rather meet you in the carribean!) this is canon's cute buddy who was so confused as to where canon was??! back in houston... here's a favorite shot of laura's belly and this is madelyn (from kristen's belly a couple of months ago) She did great and it was a blast to get to play at her house. here's a group of one year olds that I had the pleasure of photographing over the last couple of weeks. It's such a blast to see them grow! here's one of my favorites from my session with mr cole. his skin, eyes, hair.. just absolute yumminess. and miss ava about to dig in to her cute cake. this was my second time to see james. i won't see him for a while since his parents are taking him to france for a few years! have fun in europe you guys! ah.. and miss claire. i never tire of the chapel at this age. it's pure magic when they peek around those corners. and here's ben, my last grad of the season. (with 2 days to spare I believe!) thanks for looking! more to come soon...

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