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a shopping we will go ;)

Adding some new faves to my list many are from clients that have shown up the last few weeks, modeling their cute duds! Chichibean RosebudLips Peek.. aren't you curious Zozobugbaby HiijKids Persnikety RightBankBabies Will add to the list, I promise, OR you're welcome to add a comment of your favorite place(s) to share! Without further ado.. the cutie patooties that rocked my world this week. Hmm.. the theme tonight will be 2 adorable. 2 girls, 2 boys, 2 kids.. 2 cute. first up, the Spencer family. New friends, and the handsome little dude rose to the occasion and gave us some smiles! (miss priss's outfit, compliments of one of the above: rightbankbabies)

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