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a whole lotta texas in brussels

i've gotten completely out of order on the blog, sorry.. I'm back on track today and up to date (mostly) with my edits, just in time for Prague next week! So, I'll start back at the beginning and work my way to the finish like a good type A gal :) SO. One of my besties from Texas left a house full of offspring and pups back at home to come visit me this month for a whole week! We had an amazing time, as you may have already read (first in southern France, then in Paris), but there are many more adventures to share, and I don't want to leave any out! The first day she arrived, we hit the ground running with a culinary tour of Brussels. The morning, we met up with some of my Brussels friends who were doing a chocolate tour of some of the most famous chocolate houses in Brussels. Mary's (chocolatier of the Royal family.. and the Royal st location is in the 1000 places to see before you die book!), Laurent Gerbaud (known for his eastern/spicy flavors) and Pierre Marcolini (not sure if he's known for anything specific besides just being fabulous!) ;) We tasted and made a few purchases for later and had a great time. It just so happened, that 2 of our good friends from back home were scheduled to come thru Brussels on the SAME DAY T arrived, so we met up with them and they happily jumped in on the chocolate tour! It sas SO good to see them all and have a little dose of Texas warmth in chilly Brussels!! We broke away from the Brussels gals and hit a frite stand, just as the rain started to come down. We then met up with their spouses (who had ditched the chocolate girl tour to get their beer tour started :) , and I took them to Chez Leon for mussels and then to Poechenellekelder, an ecclectic bar that my husband loves just next to the Mannekin Pis, to introduce them to trappist beer. (with a waffle or 2 thrown in there) Whew! I think we got it all in!! It caught me by surpise when my 4 hours with the texas girls was up and I had quite a few tears! It was just TOO short and SO sweet to have so many friends from home. We've been blessed with so many friends here, but there's just something about your loved ones back home being here that's so special. Moving overseas has been a lot of fun, but it's so surreal to not see anyone from oback home for over on a YEAR! Anyway,I was really just so thankful we had the time we did... and I regrouped and happily held on to T, whom I still would have for 6 more days! ok, enough of the words... here's some photos of our fun day!

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