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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

ok, so now's when I start burning the midnight oil (and predawn oil, etc..) It's kind of lonely in my office at midnight (the portable laptop is great for emails but not for heavy dutyprocessing - trying to fix that by next busy season!) - so I'll sit the laptop next to my desktop and watch all the new shows! how great is that? usually, I'm kind of that a.d.d person that can't sit still for more than an hour to enjoy a tv show or movie, but since i'm stuck in one place, it's kind of nice to have some company! So far I've liked Pushing Daisies and Chuck. Gray's and Ugly Betty are up there too.. I hate to admit it, but Rules of Engagement cracks me up. and sometimes I just need to laugh a little after editing the 2045th picture!? speaking of.. let's get to the good stuff! oh my goodness.. how much fun was this little guy? his uncle and grandma braved afternoon traffic to kingwood, but I think it was worth it! and here's sweet sailor (last time you saw her, she was all prissy in her tutu). Now she's rockin' a mohawk for dad =) and i love this one of tyler loving on his buddies. and a handsome shot... kayla and taylor were hamming it up for me. hanna andersen is always a favorite =) and miss kayla, who I first photographed when she was maybe 3 months? and now she's such a big girl. and you may recognize this handsome fella. he's been the star of the show for a while now. But in a few months, he'll be sharing the spotlight =) and this blue-eyed fella was a first time visitor. turns out I know his mom's family in baton rouge, which was fun. geaux tigers =) you can tell they're completely smitten! and a couple to share of my own at the Bluebell factory in Brenham last week. We met some friends there for a fun school holiday...

LOTS more to share.. I had 10 shoots Fri - Sunday, so I'm up late pouring over pics (all while catching up on the aforementioned fall tv shows) =) just wanted to catch you up...

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