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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

the word of the day is adorable. Here's a few holiday families that are simply yummy =) first up.. the doan family. This is post is WAY overdue... but I could never forget them! and the whole gang We had a lot of fun, and they made my job easy, of course, being so adorable to photograph. Next up is the hendricks. I could eat up their little guys. the benkers have double the cuteness! and this is the doragh family. They have THE cutest, happiest 18 month old I may have ever photographed! Look at this angel - I could post about 50 more, but I'll save room for the other 50 families I've yet to post!

marshall and madison were in their "rocker chic" attire. even the dog joined in for a few! another pair of sibs, katie and zach were just hamming it up for me at hermann park. zach was a little shy at first, but warmed up and showed me that twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes.

I met the haleskas earlier in the year, when I did maternity and newborn shots. Now their little fella is getting big and I would certainly call the entire family adorable!

and last but not least, mr "j". He's about to be a big brother, and the new little guy has a lot to live up to! This was his family's first professional photo shoot, and he wowed us all!

for those of you who check regularly, I'll be out of town for about 10 days around Christmas. I was trying so hard to post all these before I leave, but it's probably not going to happen.. so, it will just give us something to look forward to after the new year!

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