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algarve {portugal}

The Algarve region of Portugal was on my list and we just made it there before we moved back last summer. Rick Steves was very adament about there being "good and bad" parts to the Algarve, so I stuck to his plan and we weren't disappointed. We flew into Faro and headed due west towards the "good parts". Remember, Portugal is about the same size of Indiana, so we never drove more than 2 hours a day on this quick southern-Portugal getaway! Our first stop was Praia de Rocha. We mainly stayed here and went west a little towards Lagos , which is where we stayed the night. Lagos and Salema were beautiful but CRAZY windy! So windy that we couldn't enjoy the beach, so we headed back east the next day a little to escape the winds! But here at Praia de Rocha, it was heavenly, as you can see..

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