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{all roads lead to Rome}

We've been saving Rome for the kids and MaeMae and April really was a fantastic time to go. We loved the city on our first visit (pre kids) and it was just as lovely the 2nd time. In fact, the hubs and I dreamed of renting an apartment for a week and just living like a local and we agree that we'd never getting bored! It's warm, friendly, so full of history at every turn and incredibly beautiful, especially outside of the city where the olive trees meet the blue skies. Ahh... we'll see if there's a "take 3" in our future! So, on to the good stuff.. the photos! The only thing better about seeing the Colliseum a 2nd time was seeing it with our children. I really am so blessed to be able to share these experiences with our kids and constantly am pinching myself that we're really here!! (ps.. my son has read all the Roman Mystery books, and he'd highly recommend if you have a Rome trip in your future!)

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