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Amy Lian loving.. the Grand Finale.

You might remember my love affair with a certain Amy Lian, who saved my hiney when my camera broke the night before St Petersburg!?? I mean, seriously? It could not have happened at a WORST time, but it just so happened that we were traveling with the most gracious, patient friends and Amy Lian (and her family) are forever in our hearts :) (and for more reasons than just a borrowed camera). Well, so like any good expat story, their time has come to an end after almost 5 years in Belgium. :( They are happy to get back to the States I think, but of course bitter sweet to leave their lives and so many friends that they've made here. We're not the only Lian fans I promise you! Waterloo will have a big void when they leave! However, I got to sneak a last hug (and a few snaps), last weekend with one last family photo session in Belgium. So glad we got some great photos in their European city before they crossed back over the pond. They'll be missed, but certainly not forgotten! Love you guys and so proud to be a part of your Belgian memories!

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