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anatomy of the 1st 6 days.

Today was our 6th day and wow, has it been a whirlwind! Here's a rundown on what our week has been like, in case you've wondered! A timeline seems the best way to break it down..

* 10:30am Checked out the American's Women's Club of Brussels. Beautiful chateau that houses the group and all their activites. It's a ghost town though as most are headed out already for the holidays. This is really an interesting time to move as everyone is focused on leaving and/or even moving. I'm glad we have each other and are adventurous and will be fine on our own! I can see where it would have been easier to come and meet people after say Jan 10th though. Will let you know more about the Club when I officially join next month.. * 12-2pm my first lunch date! It's fun how when you say you're moving, people come out of the woodwork.. friends of friends who have lived or or still there. Jen was sent to me thru another photographer in the Houston area that she used to work with who I've never actually ever met! We just knew each other online.. i'm so thankful she set us up though. We met in Jen's nexk of the woods, Waterloo, which is a charming little hamlet about 20 min from Brussels. It's kind of like the Woodlands in Texas. SO cute and quaint, but with all the conveniences of Brussels (real ice cream shops, restaurants, shopping, etc..).. It wasn't really an option for us bc it's too far from my husbands work, and i was actually hoping to be closer to the city.. but I sure will enjoy visiting my new friend there! Well, for 2 or 3 more months, until she moves to Prague.. poor thing! ;) Thank you Jen, for a great lunch and conversation. I know I talked her ear off!!! * Picked up C from school and followed K's fancy motercoach to swim after school this day. There's a cafe attached to the pool, so she and I had a crepe and hot chocolate. * 6pm - 6:30 it's snowing when we get out of swim! Fluffly flakes! Got a little lost on the way home, (driving snow and dark.. haha) * 7 - 10pm - played in the show! Dad got take out from a little Fritteur 2 doors down and the kids took warm baths and we had our first slow night. It was heavnly.. although my room now smells like Frites! I actually got to organize a little and it feels much better in our temporary digs. Saturday: Today! Will have many fun pics to share.. I did put a few on facebook if you care to peek.

We went to Aachen, Germany for their Christmas Market. (about 1.5 hours away) It was a fantastic introduction into the German culture for the kids and a little Christmas spirit, which we all desparately need! We've had none of the normal traditions this year: tree, hot choc by the fireplace, christmas cards hanging, lights, etc.. so it was nice to have a little spirit infused in our little gypsy lives! It was certainly cold, but we were prepared and wamred by hot chocolate, brats, potato coquettes, and mulled wines. We also toured the Dom (cathedral), of which Carlemagne is buried (around year 800 ?!).. Incredible cathedral and town hall.. hundreds and hundreds of years old. We stopped in Leuven for dinner on the way home and it too was a fantastic little village with tons of people out and about in the centuries old cobblestone square. I had to pinch myself as the kids were riding the wooden carnival ride in the snow that we're really here and despite the COLD and RAIN and DARK and getting LOST and having to roll with many punches that we're finally here and every day is truly a fantastic adventure! SO... I need to go rest up for tomorrow's adventure.. Promise to write more (less detail maybe and more highlights and MORE pics for sure!!). Love to all!

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