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Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Last week, when I was on a blogging roll, we were still in a hotel, kids were back in school and I'd drop them off and come enjoy some quiet time in the mostly-empty house. That was until Friday at 8:30am when the movers came!!! Whohoo for furniture, but good-bye free time! So we've been working for 3 days strait trying to get as functional as possible for the work week ahead. It will be my full time job for a while, of course, to continue the settling (and then the fun part.. decorating), and I'll try to post as much as I can. Oh, and I also started a boot camp last week, which I'm commited to for the next 6 weeks at least. So long waffles, chocolate and vino! I promise to post pics of the new house - furnished - but I'll need more than 3 days if you don't mind ;) So today I have some fun pics from the kids last day of Christmas vacation. Dad was back at work for 4 days, so we went and did something fun every day. Ikea was first (don't be hatin'.. they played in the warm indoors for an hour while I power shopped, we all ate lunch for 5 euros AND they got free ice cream and got to use the cool ice cream dispensers!), then a fun indoor science based children's museum called Technopolis (ok, this was much more fun AND educational), and finally we went to the City of Brussels Museum to see the Mannequin Pis wardrobe. We'd heard this was fun for kids and it certainly was. Countries have been sending him costumes for a hundred years now (although he's a few hundred years old), and it was neat to see the cultures represented. We had to grab a waffle too (which was Miss C's first since she was sick on our first trip). We ended the day at ComoComo, which is a tapas resturant near St Catherine where the tapas come by on a conveyor belt at your table! The kids loved it! I probably miss Tex Mex the most, so Tapas is a semi-fix.. our next big trip is to Spain in late February, and I'm looking forward to tapas every day! Happy Monday!

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