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Annie Jr. {CYT Houston}

Boy do i have some catching up to do in the Theater Dept around here :) When we moved back from Belgium almost 2 years ago, we started the search for a musical theater group for my singing, acting, always-dancing daughter. CYT was new to Kingwood at the time but had other groups around Houston and we heard great things about it. She tried a class and got talked into her first show (Mary Poppins in Jan of 2015).. then my son saw how much fun it was and they both did Beauty and the Beast together in April of 2015. We were hooked! We love CYT and although they produce fantastic artistic performances, it's the wonderful Christian environment that really is the star of the show. Last fall, our area performed Annie, Jr and guess who was cast as Annie? Eek! The icing on the cake was my son being cast as FDR.. I literally thought my heart was going to come out of chest when they were on stage together. Yes, I took a zillion pics.. actually i took just a million, as my friends the Tonkins, took 2 million, so they graciously shared and many of these below are from them. So thank you, Christine and Jeff, for capturing so many great memories too! Here's a few of my faves from the promo shoot a month before.. you might recognize the great studio!



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