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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

it's been a busy week.. the holiday season is starting to kick in. Sorry I'm having to lump all these together, but i'm headed out of town for a girls trip to round top and wanted to come back with a clean slate! on the top of my shopping list is a few architechtural outdoor pieces for the yard, hopefully to make it more presentable for portraits! will let you know how it goes =)

so, here's the beautiful people i've met this week: the jansens were a blast - and their little man oh so cute. i knew we'd have fun when they walked up and he was wearing these:

how cute are those mini-vans! and we played around quite a bit.. for the pic below, look closely at the top of his head. the infamous frog! I should try to sneak a pic of that green guy at every shoot and do a collage at the end of the year, huh? thanks, jansens for a fun time! hope the move went well and i hope you make it back to Houston to meet up again one day!

here's a more formal gathering for jackson's baptism - NOT Colby as I called him for 3/4 of the shoot for some reason?! Jackson's family was a lot of fun and pretty easy since there was really only one little guy we were trying to get a smile from! here's the handsome fella with mom's side: then with dad's parents: i love this one.. and finally with his biggest fans: it was fun meeting the whole fam. tell Iowa to call me when he gets engaged one day!

here's a couple of my favorites from the kayda's. isn't he so handsome? he was a little shy at first, but when he got comfortable and laughed, it was too cute. and the family.. i love the fact that his belly is showing. this is truly a candid shot! last , but not least for the families.. here's the kosh family i met them just yesterday, and mom came prepared with lots of cute outfits for the girls. the 3 yr old was being 3, and we thought we weren't getting a lot, so i spent more time on her, getting her to warm up.. well when i got home, i realized we had about 4x the shots of her than her 1 yr old sis! thank goodness we got some great ones of sis as well.. and even a few great ones of them together. our "tough cookie" lights up =) and her precious sis

now here's a boy that will make you smile. this is jack he was in a great mood 90% of the time so I just clicked away! but then, the best photos aren't always the big grins.. great seeing y'all again - and don't cut that hair!!

now for some tiny babies: now, right after mr smiley jack, I had isabella. her mom can attest to the fact that she cried most of the time, but finally managed to knock out at the end for some great sleeping shots. Here's what we got before and after the storm =) before: after: yes, I did get get a couple of wailing shots, but will leave that to your imagination. from these pics, you'd think we had it easy! and that's my goal!

and last but not least is miss chloe. lost of smiles from this one. and this is her special dad outfit... he went and bought it for her. Well, we discovered that he just wanted en excuse to get out of the house, but still a very sweet guesture! and just a sweet one that I love.. i love it when they look right at me. what are they thinking? I feel like they're looking right into my eyes and get all warm and fuzzy about that, but then realize they're just looking at this big black contraption, not really me!?

ok - that's all for now. Time to pack! have a great weekend -

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