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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

It's no small secret that I love to shop. And thank goodness for the internet so i can get my fix at all hours when I can finally fit it in! With the fall quickly approaching, here's some of my favorite places to give you some ideas for dressing your cutie patooties this season. So good luck and tell your hubbies I'm sorry that I'm creating a monster =) so, first up, a recent fave is Matilda Jane. It's a great idea to go to a "trunk show" if you can when they first launch each season, but if not, you can try the website. Here's some of my sweet 'C' out and about this summer with her cute duds on. ooh.. these ruffle pants are so yummy. I've actually made a couple myself, so she's ammassed quite an arsenal this year. loving the flowers these days. Of course bows are still our fave, but flowers mix it up and you can find them everywhere. This headband was a gift from a friend from They have a children's division called crewcuts that has some fabulous things if your budget allows. and have you discovered yet?? here's some of my favorite sellers right now: (type in the following under the SELLER name) kissingkumquats sillasoup (a dear friend who makes fabulous clips and fabric flowers!) BoutiqueMia MyBellaBows (check out the TIES for boys!!!) PrettyMe (just ordered a couple of things from here for kindergarten) sassybabyboutique CourtneyCourtney (very funky, urban, recycled duds) Oh and please don't forget esp cute things for boys of course, some of my favorite things were under $15, like this dress from Marshalls. Target, Old Navy, Gap, Crazy 8 for boys in particular always have cute pieces. and if all else fails, you can turn to the wonderful world of fabrics and make something!

If you're not feeling so crafty, there's still many more fun places to turn. (wonderboy has fun, hip shirts for boys) I just discovered from a friend in Dallas. has amazing things, as well as which has every kiddie couture line imaginable. Feel free to post any others in the comments to share! Happy shopping!

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