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"as we walk in fields of gold"...


Last Tuesday was a Belgian holiday, so we took advantage of dad being off of work and headed to the Meuse River valley. I'd heard of Dinant and had tried to NOT go there yet, anticipating that it would be much more fun to visit during warmer months because of it's position on the river. There are boats to rent and a fun cafe atmosphere all along the river, that indeed makes it much more fun when the sun shining. Well thank goodness our order of sunshine was delivered! We caravaned with our friends, the Michaels, and don't you know I squealed in excitment when I started seeing these amazing fields of gold! Turns out they're canola fields and are well known in this region, but also around Normandy if you're heading there in the spring. It was breathtaking and of course I had to grab a few shots!

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