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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I LOVE these sessions. And as I type I realize I've never done one at my home with my family?! It's just so fun to capture a family's personality in their own environment; the kids in their rooms; babies in the tub; the fam playing scrabble.. whatever it is that makes their family unique and then having those memories pohtographed so when the kids no long want to play games with us, or let us in their rooms (!) we'll have the pictures to remember! Here's a few faves from this past year. (many more to post, but these are a good start!) can you tell what this handsome fella loves right now?? oh and he also loves... I love this shot too. I always try and get in front of the house. We have moved a couple of times in my son's life and he's very nostalgic about the places he's lived, so it reminds me to make sure and get the front of the house so they can remember. ok so I cheated on the next few and this is grandma's beautiful house and yard! Such precious models too =) sweet new family in their heights bungalow. Turns out our hubbies have done business together. it's a small world.. in his room... check out these cuties. Dad is outnumbered! another sweet family in their new home. and one more sweet boy before I go. Not too much longer in the crib! thanks for looking!

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