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Au Revoir Davis fam {China bound}

In case I've given you the impression that expat life was all travel and fun and champagne flutes, here's a side of our "fabulous" life that is less than bubbly: good byes. :( Of course we've all had friends move from time to time, but in the expat world, moving is epidemic. And since none of us live near family, our friends are often an even bigger part of our every day lives. Especially at the end of a school year, you find yourself saying way too many good-byes or "see you laters" as we like to say. The Davis family had a great group of friends and community in Brussels and will be deeply missed! One of her favorite places is the Grand Place, so we met on about the one day we both could arrange it in a 2 month window (when it wasn't raining!) and voila! Beautiful Au Revoir photos for her to rememeber her time in Belgium.. now.. if I can just arrange to hop over to China when it's time for Goodbye, China photos :) Best of luck to the Davis famiy in their new expat gig. China doesn't know what fun (and cuteness.. wait till you see these boys!) is about to hit it!

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