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"autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile"

... william cullen bryant. Autumn in Belgium has been a pleasant surpise. I've always been amazed at people who pick autumn as their favorite season. It's kind of ho hum to me. I consider myself much more of a spring or summer gal. But wow, do I now realize what I've been missing! It has indeed been a "huge smile" that leaves me in wonder as each new day peels back another layer, another shade of red, orange and yellow. And with the wonder and awe, comes the realization that it will be gone before i know it :( But it sure has been a treat!

Of course, I had to drag my two favorite models out on the last forecasted sunny, warm day and snap a few photos to remember this amazing first fall we've enjoyed. I hope we still have a few more days/weeks to enjoy, but if not, we sure have loved what we've gotten!

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