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Basque country {France and Spain}

In an effort to stay ONE year ahead of my European travels, I think I'll slide right on in with this last trip post about our travels to southern France/Northern Spain last May! It was one of our last trips and we went with some friends of ours, which was extra fun (but minus the hubs = less fun). He would have especially loved this trip bc the Basque region of Spain (San Sebastian) is a foodie's paradise! We even took a tapas tour where we sampled loads of Basque specialties. My foodie girl was in heaven for sure! Here's a map of our itenerary. Since we started in one country (Biarritz, France) and ended in another (Bilbao, Spain), renting a car was crazy expensive. So we trained and bussed this trip and it turned out ok in the end. Biarritz is a lovely little resort town than any Frenchman will wax poetic about. We just thought it was ok. Granted, it was chilly and grey, a public holiday AND we were traveling with kiddos.. but I think San Sebastian has my vote for the best beach spot in the area. I'll let you be the judge I guess! For my geographically challenged readers, here's the a visual :)

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